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Chema Rodríguez is a filmmaker and writer. He has published the books El Diente de la Ballena (The Whale Tooth) and Anochece en Katmandú (Night Falls in Kathmandu). He directed the journal Cartographica and wrote the script of La Gran Final (The Great Match). He has written and directed Estrellas de la Línea (The Railroad All-Stars), awarded at the Berlin International Film Festival 2006, Coyote, El Abrazo de los Peces (The Embrace of the Fishes), the TV-movie Maras, and more than fifty documentaries, broadcasted in many international channels. As director, scriptwriter and producer, his most recent projects are the films Nightfall in India (2014) and Giants don't Exist (2017).

Opera Prima Award for Nightfall in India... 22/12/2014

Nightfall in India, Nominee for Best Adapted Screenplay, Goya Awards 2015... 12/01/2015

Giants don`t Exist... 21/02/2018

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